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Company Profile

ZEEKR is a fast-growing intelligent BEV technology company. We aspire to lead the electrification, intelligentization, and innovation of the automobile industry through the development and sales of next-generation premium BEVs and technology-driven solutions. Incorporated in March 2021, ZEEKR has focused on innovative BEV architecture, hardware, software, and the application of new technologies. Its current product portfolio primarily includes ZEEKR 001, a five-seater, cross-over shooting brake; ZEEKR 001 FR, its latest cross-over shooting brake; ZEEKR 009, a luxury six-seater MPV; ZEEKR 009 Grand, a four-seat deluxe version of ZEEKR 009; ZEEKR X, a compact SUV, and an upscale sedan model.

With a mission to create the ultimate mobility experience through technology and solutions, ZEEKR’s efforts are backed by strong in-house R&D capabilities, a deep understanding of products, high operational flexibility, and a flat, efficient organizational structure. Together, these features enable fast product development, launch, and iteration, as well as the creation of a series of customer-oriented products and go-to-market strategies.